Energy Jobs in Japan: Building a Local Brand

May 15, 2024|Energy Jobs in Japan

Anywhere in the world, building an attractive corporate identity and employer brand is key to attracting top level talent. In Japan, and by no means unique to this market, is the need to develop a local corporate identity and employer brand. Relying on your household corporate name in your home market won’t get you very far in Japan. 

If the results of the first two rounds of Japan’s fixed-bottom offshore wind tenders taught us anything, it’s that the Japanese don’t care about your global track record. The country is not short of well capitalized giants investing in the energy transition, and it has a strong engineering talent base with some of the largest and most globally active EPC firms, not to mention a protectionist government.

Considering that more than 90% of the talent pool in the energy market works for Japanese domestic firms, building a strong brand, highlighting your firm’s attractive points and telling a clear story are key to attracting local talent into your organization.

Communicate a clear vision and commitment to the market

Who are you? What do you do? Why should anyone pay attention? These are the simplest of questions, but many people in Japan have not heard of many firms that might be household names in the U.S. or EU markets. 

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