Energy Jobs in Japan: Investing in Education

July 8, 2024|Energy Jobs in Japan

Often we have written about the shortage of talent across various growth segments of the energy sector. This is a global challenge, with LinkedIn sharing in a report that the increase in job postings requiring at least one green skill was 22.4% in 2023, compared to a 12.3% increase in talent with said skills.

In Japan, the challenge is compounded by language barriers, and low mobility of talent compared to European markets. At the micro level, we can solve talent shortage issues for individual companies by headhunting experienced talent.

This has various implications on the wider industry, companies and professionals including:

  • Vicious competition for talent;
  • Increased cost of hire for experienced professionals;
  • Challenges for firms to avoid having employees poached by competitors.

When we zoom out and look at the wider industry, and look beyond the immediate needs and then project forward, it becomes clear that much wider, systematic change is required.

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