Energy Jobs in Japan: The Closing of Green and Digital Talent Markets

June 10, 2024|Energy Jobs in Japan

Japan NRG’s launch of its GxxD reports comes at a time when we as an executive search agency have noticed a clear closing of the gap between the Green and Digital talent markets. 

The GxxD reports examine the twin focuses on GX (Green Transformation) and DX (Digital Transformation) that are championed by Japan in a bid to remain competitive, and gain a competitive advantage in a fast-paced and rapidly changing global marketplace.

On the ground level we’ve noticed a significant uptick in cross-team projects between our GreenTech division (renewable energy, green finance, power markets) and our Business Innovation division (digital transformation, artificial intelligence, business intelligence). 

According to the GxxD reports, data center and related energy consumption is predicted to increase 500-fold by 2050. Data centers have an inherently heavy energy demand coming from processing and cooling systems, and their owners typically have strong ESG mandates, hence they are under heavy pressure for this energy to be derived from clean sources.

Data center operators are not the only business vying to procure clean electrons though, the nationwide demand for CPPAs is increasing rapidly. As supply struggles to keep up with demand, many developers are expanding their teams to develop renewable energy plants. 

From a skills perspective, project development, engineering, project management and operations between renewable energy and data center assets are remarkably similar, hence there’s an increasing opportunity for professionals experienced in either asset type to move between green and digital projects.

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