Hydrogen Drives Auto Sector Emission Cuts : Methanation Rollout Due to Start

February 23, 2022|CO2 Emissions

CO2 emissions in Japan’s automotive industry, the nation’s top economic sector, have dropped for a fourth straight year. Now, to achieve greater cuts, some companies are looking into an overhaul of their manufacturing processes with the introduction of hydrogen fueled systems.

Hydrogen is expected to help Japanese manufacturers in a number of ways, including through its role in the methanation process. Several firms are due to announce new methanation applications later this year.

Still, doubts remain among industry insiders about how best to deploy hydrogen, while the endless debate over electrification vs hydrogen shows no sign of abating.

Earlier this month, representatives of key auto industry bodies met with the government to discuss progress in decarbonization in 2020 and the latest initiative. The good news was that both large car manufacturers and the even bigger auto parts industrial complex have seen positive momentum.

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