Methanol Takes First Steps as Low Carbon Fuel in Japan

June 29, 2022|Renewables

As a low carbon fuel, methanol has so far been given little attention in Japan. With announcements of mega e-methanol projects over the past year across the globe, however, that could all change.

With so much focus on hydrogen and ammonia research and development, Japan has hitherto given little consideration to other innovative renewable energy forms based on fluids. Now, Europe is pushing methanol as a new alternative to fossil fuels and Japan is taking notice.

Growing demand in new markets, such as marine fuel and fuel cells, have business and government leaders in Tokyo starting to consider the versatile fuel’s potential to help meet 2050 net-zero goals and open new markets abroad.

Furthermore, to make methanol an even more attractive option, businesses can use it as a low carbon fuel and hydrogen carrier, expanding its traditional role as a key constituent in the chemicals sector.

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