Ocean Energy Shows Progress As Projects Start to Move to the `Megawatt’ Stage

April 20, 2022|Marine Energy

Japan could generate nearly 170 TWh of electricity, or 20% of its annual needs, in the open seas through energy sources other than offshore wind power generation, according to government-backed research suggesting the nation can do more to harness marine energy.

After decades of theoretical analysis, close monitoring of water systems, R&D projects at home and abroad, Japanese marine energy tech is now maturing into sizable demonstration facilities, with a few aiming to reach commercial scale in the next two- three years.

National strategy sees the application of generation systems that rely on ocean currents, tides and sea waves as naturally suited for smaller, remote parts of the Japan archipelago, which boasts over 6,000 islands.

The strong push to develop offshore wind in Japan, however, could also bring ocean energy into the mainstream as developers look at ways to maximize the effectiveness of their sea areas through hybrid, multi-technology arrays.

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