Salary Trends Across Japan’s Energy Sector

May 10, 2023|Energy Jobs in Japan

For many years, the energy industry had certain perceptions about salary. That oil & gas pays higher than renewables; that multinational companies pay higher than the Japanese firms; that large corporations are the best paying players in the market.

As the energy industry transitions and diversifies, subsidies and large-scale investment have flowed into new technologies across renewable generation, grid flexibility and next-generation mobility, resulting in a shift in the salary and power balance.

Do Japanese companies pay less, and does oil & gas pay more?

The answer is not so simple. We need to look into the value of the whole package, not only taking into account the cash (base + bonus) portion of a salary package. Typically, large Japanese firms do pay a lower cash portion than their foreign counterparts, and often oil and gas majors are competitive with global renewable energy firms. Looking at the benefits offered and understanding their value is key when assessing the true total package. A few common benefits are listed below:

Housing allowance. Junior staff often live in

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