Carbon Price: Stifled or Boosted by War and Record Gas Prices?

  • DATE: March. 24 (Thursday)
  • TIME: 18:00 - 19:00 JST
  • PLACE:Online

Japan NRG hosted the next webinar in our series, this time taking a look at the current status of the carbon market in Japan and abroad.

Carbon Price: Stifled or Boosted by War and Record Gas Prices?

Speakers: Alex Child, MSc: Head of Research,
Carbon Cap Management; and
Mayumi Watanabe, Japan NRG senior policy researcher

Russia’s incursion in Ukraine is rewriting the energy scripts of nations, putting global attention firmly back on fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal. Where does that leave the pre-war aspirations to tackle climate change, one of the tools of which was the ambition to create a global price for carbon? 

Contrary to expectations, the process to create a tangible carbon price in Japan has not stalled. Despite several delays, Japan’s government is moving forward with a new framework that should allow the set-up of a voluntary carbon market. Such a marketplace is planned for a soft launch later this year, but details are scant.

Putting a value on CO2, and allowing that value to be traded, is one of the core mechanisms to motivate a market to decarbonize. As Japan edges towards a new paradigm for emissions reduction, firming up its net-zero commitments, we also take a look at the experience of other regions, such as the EU, with carbon pricing. 

In this webinar we reviewed :

– Current status of a new voluntary carbon exchange in Japan 

– Carbon price evolution in other markets, such as EU, UK and elsewhere 

– Carbon price evolution in other markets, such as EU, UK and elsewhere

– Potential impacts on energy sector and wider economy from carbon prices


  • Alex Child is a climate economist with over 7 years of research experience focused on the design and impact of carbon pricing instruments globally. He has consulted extensively to governments and companies around the world on carbon pricing and has deep expertise in analysing the drivers of carbon markets including the EU ETS, RGGI, WCI (California), Korea and New Zealand. Alex is now head of research at Carbon Cap Management LLP, which manages the World Carbon Fund: a fund targeting absolute returns by investing into liquid and regulated global carbon markets.

  • Mayumi Watanabe  is the Senior Policy Researcher at Japan NRG. Formerly a writer and senior editor at S & P Global Platts, Mayumi now covers energy discussions at the government and corporate level, paying close attention to traditional energy, power and metals markets. She also has deep experience in the agriculture and antitrust issues in Japan.  




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