Meet Japan Power 2023

  • DATE: January 25th (Wednesday)
  • TIME: 14:30
  • PLACE: Hybrid

The evolution of Japan’s electricity markets has massively accelerated in the last few years. And 2023 promises to be the most vibrant year yet.

This inaugural event was co-organised by Japan NRG, Volue and EEX Japan.

We brought together in an international setting the various stakeholders that make up Japan’s fast-evolving electricity markets. This made it a platform for an open exchange of views and to network with key players in the field, both from the public and private sector.

Industry experts explained the dynamics behind Japanese power markets and outlined the trends that will dominate the future.

The seminar featured keynote speeches and panel discussions with representatives from all sides, from those involved in policy to experts in power generation, trading and analysis.

Key Note Speech : “Seizing Opportunities in a Fast-Changing Market”

Kazuhiro Takeuchi, President, Japan Renewable Energy Corp.

Panel Discussion: “Japan’s Electricity Mix 2030”

– Kazuhiro Takeuchi, President, Japan Renewable Energy Corp.

– Sadayuki Matsudaira, Partner, Nishimura & Asahi

– Mahdi Behrangrad, Head of Energy Storage System/VPP, Pacifico Energy

– John Warren, Head of Business Development, Vena Energy

– Moderator: Yuriy Humber, Founder of Japan NRG

Key Note Speech: “What kind of power market does Japan want to build?”

Takuto Ichimura, Director for Electricity Policy Planning, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Electricity and Gas Industry Dept., Policy Planning Division

Panel Discussion: “Power Market Reform: Current Trends & Future Designs”

– Toru Hattori, Senior Research Economist, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI)

– Izumi Takahiro, GM of Power & Fuel Trading at Tohoku EPCO Energy Trading

– Ryo Nozawa, Founder and CEO, enechain Corp.

– Hiroyuki “Bob” Takai, Executive Advisor, EEX Japan

– Moderator: Loftur Thorarinsson, General Manager for Japan, Volue


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